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**Any donation of $20 or more that gets donated until December 31st, 2023 will be entered in a drawing for 1 of 3 prizes of FREE YO’ DOTS until the end of the school year!**

The MHS PTSO takes pride in keeping our MHS courtyard looking great all year long. They provide regular maintenance, as well as a yearly assessment of needs, such as pressure washing, the addition of mulch in the garden bed areas, tree trimming, etc.  But…

*** It’s time to think BIGGER! ***

With your help, the PTSO will add shade to our courtyard in the form of Hypar Umbrella structures like the ones pictured below.  These permanent structures allow for shade to be cast onto the area where the students eat lunch without completely covering the entire space.  They will leave room for growth in the courtyard in the coming years.



Our goal is to raise $25,000 for this project.  That means. . . 

if every McIntosh family chips in, we would reach our goal!

Suggested donation - $25 per family!!



Staff Appreciation Luncheon

If you are able and would like to participate in this event, please review the signup below and click on the item you would like to donate.   CLICK HERE 


MHS PTSO  "CashApp and Venmo" links are provided in the signup. All cash and check (made payable to MHS PTSO) donations can be turned into the front office starting 11-27-2023. Please mark them PTSO Staff Appreciation. 


If you would like to volunteer to help us set-up, serve and clean-up, please click here.


The MHS PTSO is proud to showoff our completed brick project in the MHS courtyard.  This project started many years ago with parents purchasing engraved bricks. The "M" and "H" have been completed for may years.  We are excited to say that we have now completed the "S" to finish out this project.

Thank you to T.S. Landscaping for their amazing work of installing the "S" bricked area and to Blue Wave PTC for donating the pressure washing of all 3 brick areas.


A very special thank you to Dhanush Mikkilineni and Arinze Ugbajah, our talented  MHS Drone Photographers, for the arial still pictures and video footage of the MHS bricks.  Thank you to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Bishop for helping to schedule your students to do this for us!



The PTSO is working on a new event!
A benefit concert to be held in April.
This will be a community event to raise funds for the McIntosh PTSO and our courtyard improvements project.

Stay tuned for more information!

Next PTSO Meeting

12/8 @ 9:30am in the MHS Media Center



We will continue to sell Yo' Dots by Dippin' Dots every Friday during all lunch periods next school year. 
$3 / cup
CASH, VENMO & CashApp accepted

To purchase a 5-pack of coupons for $15, click here.


MHS PTSO is proud to announce the
2023-2024 PTSO Board.

Angie Keisling & Shannon Sylvester - PTSO Co-Presidents
Grace Chung - PTSO 
Co-Vice Presidents
Misty Ottenberg - PTSO Treasurer
Natasha Greenstein - PTSO Secretary

If you are interested in being part of one of our committees, please email us at mcintoshhsptso@gmailcom
Check out our McIntosh Spiritwear 
and Pay PTSO Dues HERE
All Spiritwear orders will be delivered in your students 4th period class within 5 business days during the school year.
sm mhs ptso TUMBLER-01_edited.png
MHS PTSO Spirit Wear-05_edited.png
MHS PTSO Spirit Wear-04_edited.png
MHS PTSO Spirit Wear-03_edited.png

The PTSO is gearing up for an exciting year! We can't wait to support the students and staff as we prepare to begin the 2023-2024 school year. 


This year the PTSO will need volunteers to help plan and execute events. The Homecoming Parade as well as other events like staff luncheons, selling Yo' Dots by Dippin' Dots during lunchtime, front office volunteers, in-person PTSO meetings, and more need volunteers like you.  Stay tuned for information on all the PTSO has in store for the year!


The McIntosh High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) exist to support students, teachers, and school administrators financially and through volunteerism. In short, we are a service organization, and we need you!

So many ways to support:

- Pay Dues ($45 per family)

- Buy Spiritwear

- Virtual Donations

- Kroger Commitment Card

- Volunteer

Questions?  Please reach out and email

The PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) is open to all parents & students of MHS.

General Meeting Schedule for 2023-2024: (All meetings are on Fridays)

August 18th @ 9:30am - MHS Media Center minutes financials

October 20th @ 9:30am - MHS Media Center minutes  financials

December 8th @ 9:30am - MHS Media Center minutes financials

January 19th @ 9:30am - MHS Media Center minutes financials

March 8th @ 9:30am - MHS Media Center  minutes  financials

May 17th @ 9:30am (Vote for New PTSO Board & Volunteer Celebration) - MHS Media Center minutes   financials


General Meetings from 2022-2023: 

August 19th @ 9:30am minutes budget financials

October 21st @ 9:30am  minutes  financials

December 9th @ 9:30am  minutes financials

January 20th @ 9:30am  minutes financials

March 10th @ 9:30am  minutes  financials

May 19th @ 9:30am minutes   financials

12/8: PTSO Meeting @ 9:30am
12/12: Staff Luncheon
12/31: Shade Donations Due
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